Some of my art relating to PTSD

Above: Pink Backpack by Clayton D. Murwin

Above: Medicated by Clayton D. Murwin

Above: Banner art created by me for KW60 anniversary  Korean War Volume 1 & 2

Above: No Escape by Clayton D. Murwin
 Above: Tears of Blood by Clayton D. Murwin

Above: On the Edge by Clayton D. Murwin

Above: Notification by Clayton D. Murwin


Above: Wish I Weren’t A Soldier Today


Above: Notification (Work In Progress)

IMG_1353Above: Vietnam Tribute to POW for 50th Anniversary






IMG_2840Hello, my name is Clayton Murwin, and this is my new wordpress blog. Here you will see just about anything I am involved with posted. It can be art, military issues, or just plan life. I hope you will find my post informative or at least entertaining .  Well that’s all for now, will be posting again very soon. Hero Maker out!